This video shows new orbital level for skirmish matches and single player mission.

There are not yet fully implemented the space gameplay, because we do not have a large fleet for both factions. But this level is useful for preview and to add some diversity to the single player missions. I hope that in the future I will achieve funding to develop space structures and large powerful space battleships, which will fight not only on planets orbit but also flying low over the islands and deserts to support ground units. I also plan to create orbital levels for each planet which will be funded in future, because, according to the game storyline, assault of the planet must begin with the conquest of its orbit.



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Warshift Defensive Tower

 The defensive tower is designed to protect buildings from the enemy attacks using four 150-mm artillery guns mounted on the armored rotary tower. This building is to be built in the area where the rays of the Energy Source are active, and to be connected to one of its node. The towers which are located next to one other are connected by underground passages and turn into a united defensive system – the Bastion.


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WARSHIFT Alien combat avatar Arkar

 This ancient form of life emerged in the abyss of the ocean on the planet “Angora”. This monster has a strong exo-skeleton which contains a powerful energy nucleus. It has 6 legs and is able to move around on land and on the ocean floor. It can be armed with two red-hot blades and various energy weapons. Atroids gave him - masking, energy absorption super-abilities and made it the Lord of the mighty droid enclave. Exoskeleton of this Lord was built for the conquest of the planet “Angora”. This monster has a heavy armored body which contains a powerful energy nucleus. It has 6 legs and is able to move around on land and on the ocean floor. It can be armed with two glowing blades and various energy weapons. Years of evolution gave him super-abi ... Read more »

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WARSHIFT Alien combat avatar Volcano

 This giant fire-breathing monster appeared in the depths of the volcano on the planet “Laura”. It has a strong exoskeleton which contains a powerful fiery nucleus. With each new level, the giant is grows in size. He is armed with a flamethrower and can throw fireballs. Atroids made it the Lord of the enclave droids and gave it a super ability to create a state of violence in which it can create a fire storm and destroy everything in its path.

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WARSHIFT New Alien unit Tesloid

 This class of small but powerful combat droids from the Atroids race enclave is designed to destroy enemy infantry and vehicles at middle distance. This monsters are protected by armored exoskeleton which contains a powerful energy nucleus. They hit the target with powerful electric discharges. This droid is the most universal unit of the aliens, but the high cost makes its mass production unprofitable.

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Here is new game level for skirmish matches and single player missions.

 This is the largest level in Universum. This level is perfect for implementation of NODE-based strategy gameplay cause it contains many huge flat surfaces. But also here are located canyons with large height differences and a lot of long bridges. In the center of hot desert located a deep quarry. Huge orbital mining rigs extracted therefrom valuable minerals – roktalum. All this is surrounded by high mountains.


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 Each mobile drilling platform of this type may produce up to 10 tons of natural resources per day, which can be used for the construction of equipment and buildings, as well as for repair. The platform is to be built right on the cluster of natural resources. As this building doesn’t have its own defensive weapons, it is recommended to install a protective tower near to each drilling platform.

List of all Humans structures

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Here is gameplay video that show a new level for skirmish mode and single player missions:

  Usually 3D water is a big trouble for game developers, but I was especially pleased working on it, because I have not been on holiday so long :)

 Here are implemented some elements of the underwater gameplay and navigation of Dreadnoughts (Carriers). Each character uses this environment in its own way. Characters of the human faction moves mainly on and over the water surface, sometimes diving for a short time. Characters of alien faction opposite moves mainly under water on the ocean floor, but they can float for a short time. That is useful for diversion operations, covert movement and gives more freedom of movement for the player. But the main battles and construction of bases still occurs on the surface of the island.

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New gameplay video:
 Usually, gameplay of most of strategy games based on few resources and workers. My strategy gameplay is NODE-based and flexible linked with Action and RPG gameplays.
 Energy Sources is a portable stellar energy absorber also known as "Stellar Candle" or “Smart Sphere”. It was researched by an unknown alien civilization that disappeared thousands years ago but left his legacy on many planets. Humans first discovered this object among the fragments of a meteorite "Destiny" that fell to the Earth in 2030 and learned how t ... Read more »
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 This is skirmish level that located on planet "Enigma". I'm working on it already for a long time, but I'm often reinvents the concept of the gameplay and get new ideas for improving this level. So, I can say that this is first and an experimental level for skirmish mode, where I test some old and new gameplay functions and maybe it will be updated many times.

 Recently I put here many bridges and ruins of old fortifications to, along with the flying islands, gorges and height differences it would have looked more 3d than plane.

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